Finest high precision handmade Artisan custom bass guitars

made in Sweden by Master Luthier Christian Olsson.

"Immerse yourself in the epitome of outstanding craftsmanship and impeccable design, where unparalleled materials intertwine seamlessly.
With not only the invaluable expertise garnered from decades of professional players' input but also infused with my own unwavering passion for bass playing, each exquisite masterpiece is meticulously crafted to perfection.
It is with immense pride that I personally create and sign off each bass."

Christian Olsson, Luthier, bass player

event 13th of June at Unicornbass

Cassius Lambert (BITOI)

"I have a completely different dynamic range, not only regarding how big the range is. But also how the extremes sound. My bass can be enormously quiet but still very expressive and clear. It can extremely loud without ever getting clonky or noisy. I have a sustain that is the longest i ever had, but also a sustain that has a completely even decay. The bass has a clarity that 1. makes the overtones sing beautifully. 2. Makes chords sing in a different way. 3. Allows me to take completely different chords, that before only sounded muddy. The bass have an response witch is faster then any other bass I played, something that improved my timing very much. It is a bass that is extremely even, for the first time my bass is fully even (I thought my bass was very even before I got the new neck from Christian, but I was wrong). 

The feel of the bass is always something that is hard to describe. But every time I play it I feel that I can trust it fully. It is so easy to express on this instrument. And the build quality, is something ive never come across in a instrument before. It is truly remarkable. Never felt this close to an instrument before. 

I cannot emphises the genius of Christians workmanship, I am truly grateful for what he has build for me."

Patric Häljestig

"Christian got the assignment to build a 6 string bass for me. The problem I've experienced over the years is that it's hard to build a really good 6-string bass. Result is often a compromise. I talked to Christian about building the most incredible 6 he's ever built. And so it was! An absolutely incomparable build where nothing has been spared, the finest pieces of wood, pickups, etc. available. A world-class build of Unicorn! If you are a bass player and want to get your dream bass built, this is the place to go. The customer's wishes and dreams are in focus and focus. Best quality on all parts. Hand-built in Sweden by Christian Olsson, one of the world's best Luthiers. I will turn to Unicorn when the next bass is to be built. It doesn't get any better than this."

"Today it is about 5 years since I got my Unicorn and I still get ”wow” experiences at regular intervals. The bass is so wonderfully responsive and multi-faceted. I have worked as a professional bassist for about 25 years and have of course played on a multitude of basses in all different price ranges, but Unicornbass is in a class of its own regarding sound, craftsmanship, appearance and above all playability. As an improvisational musician, you want as few obstacles as possible between idea and execution. With a custom-made Unicorn in your hands, all obstacles are removed. Just go where the music takes you.”

-Sebastian Hankers

UNICORN Artist 5 custom Orange pearl.

If the best isn’t good enough then a bass built by master luthier Christian Olsson should satisfy your needs. The incredible know how when it comes to combine woods to reach your dream tone and the attention to the smallest detail is just a small part of what UNICORNbass stands for.

– Jonny Trobro, session bassplayer / JD Miller band LINK to bio

Plays a multitude of UNICORNbass Ozellman 5´s

”The bass is a nice green jewel, an emerald, a green thing that I always play on now. As elegant tonewise as the build. But - even raw. Brutal. Or delicate. It is very playable and responds to dynamics and intents like few instruments I have played before. I always adjust the sound using the balance control preferring the bridge pickup; In that situation, I can get the right tone to the right piece of music. It's all about how I play. Everything from bridge pickup growl to 60's Motown via full range slap-tone, if I want. The pickups are really full-range, and in combination with the resonant mahogany body and the relatively fat neck of maple and Purpleheart, the bass has a TON of tone… If I want to play "jazz bass", the bass can handle it gallantly. If I want to play P-bass, the bass can handle it as gallantly. The last six gigs I have backed up choirs, played blues, Elvis music and country. I do not bring any other bass on the gigs."

-Roger Hedin, UNICORN Purist 5 CS

“This bass has it all! Infinite Sound Possibilities before you even begin to adjust the EQ! Responds incredibly well to playing style and dynamics ! The look is bold, yet sophisticated. According to me , it fits any context, using it for everything from folk to metal ! Easy to play ? You bet ! ”

– Fredrik Bergqvist

UNICORNbass Artist 5

"I love my Unicornbass. Christian is a master luthier. Tack!"

– Zachary Beard

UNICORN Ozellman 5 maccassar

"There´s no better place in the world to buy your next bass.

Or get a nice cup of coffee"

– Adam Ander

UNICORN Ozellman 6 maccassar

Btw, played it for the first time in practice on Sunday, it blew all the guys away, they loved it. I was able to crank the 100hz frequency all the way up to the top (+18db) and it didnt lose any clarity, just added more bass, I have never been able to do that before!!!



UNICORN Artist 3200 custom order

"Hi Christian.

When I ordered the TwoTwelve, I was a little worried about missing the sound pressure from my 4x10 & 1x18 rig.

Now in retrospect, I can only say that the 212 box was worth waiting for ...

The comments from the band, were directly: "We have never heard that better bass sound". "Now every tone is heard right away!” "It's so much bottom, have you connected the little box into the PA?" (Then I had no extra base on neither the base nor the amplifier). I rehearsed yesterday again and without using more than 30% of the volume on the amplifier I felt how the hair in the scalp vibrated by the bass sound.

But, since the box sends out exactly what it gets, I must step up my own playing… I can not get away with anything..

Claes E, UNICORN TwoTwelve 4 ohm



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