Discover the awe-inspiring advancement that surpasses "off the shelf" speakers. Boasting exceptional cone excursion capabilities. Be mesmerized by its immense power handling, delivering a true High Definition audio experience like never before. Prepare to experience each nuance and subtlety with a power delivery that was once thought to only exist in systems twice its size.

Listeners of our TwoTen speaker have been left in awe, questioning how a compact enclosure can produce volume levels comparable to a 6×10" speaker, while maintaining unbelievable clarity. The answer lies in our groundbreaking bass speaker design. We firmly believe that you get what you pay for. That's why we've invested significantly more than our competitors, between 5-50 times more, on superior filter components, drivers, damping, and overall build quality. Each component is meticulously handmade in SWEDEN, ensuring the utmost precision and craftsmanship.

Elevate your audio experience to extraordinary heights with our state-of-the-art technology and uncompromising dedication to excellence...


“TWOTEN is Probably the most brutal speaker I’ve heard. Extreme bottom and punch, probably have not tried another box that is so punchy in the lower frequencies. I felt that all frequencies and all the notes “pushed out” at the same time, very direct. No matter where I was standing in the room the punch or bottom end did not disappear at all. It could basically crank up what seems like forever with no distortion. Louder and have more bottom end than any 4×10″ I’ve ever tested, and with bottom end close to my 8×10″.

Hi Christian. When I ordered the box, I was a little worried about missing the pressure from my 4x10 & 1x18 rig. Now in retrospect, I can only say that the 212 box was worth waiting for … The comments from the band, were direct: "We have never heard that better bass sound". "Now every note is heard right away!” ”It has so much solid foundation, have you connected the little box into the PA?" (Then I had no extra bass EQ on neither the bassguitar or the amp) Rehearsed yesterday again and without loading more than 30% of the volume on the amplifier I felt how the hair vibrated by the bass sound. But, since the box sends out exactly what it gets, I have to be aware of my playing..

Claes E.

OneTen 600

* 8 ohm nominal impedance

* 600w cont 1200w peak

* Drivers: 1×10″ + 2×4″

* 40-15000 hz   (F3 58 hz)

* Dimensions: 52W 30H 35D, 13,9 kg

* Price: €1396 excl taxes

* Price: €1745 incl taxes

OneTwelve 600

* 8 ohms nominal impedance (4 ohm custom order)

* 600w cont 1200w peak

* Drivers: 1×12″ + 2×4″

* 35-15000 hz  (F3 53 hz)

* Dimensions: 52W 35H 41,5D (cm), 16,3 kg

* Price: €1516 excl taxes

* Price: €1895 incl taxes

TwoTen 1200

* 4 ohms nominal impedance, (8 ohms custom order)

* Powerhandling: 1200w cont 2400w peak

* Drivers: 2×10″ + 4×4″

* 40-15000 hz   (F3 58 hz)

* Dimensions: 52W 56H 35D, 24 kg

* Price: €1756 excl taxes

* Price: €2195 incl taxes

TwoTwelve 1200

* 4 ohms nominal impedance (8 ohm custom order)

* 1200w cont 2400w peak

* Drivers: 2×12″ + 4×4″

* 35-15000 hz (F3 53 hz)

* Dimensions: 52W 67H 41,5D, 26 kg

* Price: €1916 excl taxes

* Price: €2395 incl taxes



Stackable both horisontally and vertically with two discrete cutouts for easy lugging. ADAM HALL easy quickly detachable trolley as an option for easy transport. Its compact size is a must for todays travelling musicians.


rugged and durable professional 2K finish. Purpleheart connector plate, signed and fitted with two speakon connectors. Crossover components and First order design is very much high end with expensive Mundorff components and point to point assembly.


The ONETWELVE is incredibly loud for its size, more than enough for most gigs. If you want mayhem, get one more… And still thanks to its well designed drivers with very low Q it is really tight and punchy.


Rugged and radiussed (for resonance cancellation) aluminium 2 mm front grille. Water proof impregnated drivers with extreme high end specs. All glue seams doubled with extra seam bracing all around with zero tolerance for sound quality and longevity.

*Due to our continuous development and improvements philosophy specs and appearance can change without notice.