Every little detail, every little piece of wood, every small design choice is made here at UNICORN workshop to enhance the perfection of each instrument, from the perfectly book matched stress relieved necks to ensure even response, the in house designed pickups with powerful dynamics and tremendous range, every little "insignificant" detail is looked upon and scrutinized.

Each bass is unique but still unmistakenly a Unicorn..

Each bass is made with a specific spec sheet, either customer specified or as "in-house order" for stock.

So no two basses are alike unless specified to be.

I firmly believe we are all unique human beings so why settle for a generic bass? ...

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Artist is the original UNICORN designed in 2003, tweaked and updated through the years. Constant development, outstanding craftsmanship, and the highest grade materials makes this bass a bass that you can not put down once you got it. Fast response and a massive core that breaks thru any band situation or puts the bass upfront in a solo situation.

Ozellman is a modern J style bass with the instant recognizeable traditional elements but with modern forgiveness and even response all over the fretboard. Great ergonomics and balance sitting or standing. Dynamic and strong true tone. A true workhorse!

Purist started as a pure no multi laminations, resonant, old vibe but modern slant drive cut through the mix and not just a big drone of 150hz mud. Best of both worlds! and with the triple coil pickup it's sonically explosive! Choose the split coil pickup and you´re in vintage vibe heaven! This is the bass players pick that have gone thru the modern, sometime sterile sounding basses.

PureArt is born from those collective experiences from ages of experimentation and developing great ideas coming together in one creation. The Pure Art of excellence, beauty and simplicity. Starting with the 30” scale model expanding to both 32” and 34” basses in near future.



Every bass guitar is regarded as a harmonious masterpiece, with every single component meticulously crafted to ensure it functions flawlessly. Instead of designing with economy in mind I can tailor every aspect of the bass since I have a ”no expense spared” design philosophy. If it makes the bass better, I incorporate it into the design but not because it is in vogue.


Openness in sound is what most of us strive for. Clarity and separation of the fundamentals and harmonics gives us the tools to be inspired and creative. By stress release processing the separate internal neck laminates there are no internal forces that create unwanted odd or even peaks. Just what you put into it. This creates the very dynamic, open and smooth sound that our basses are known for.


The neck pocket and the neck heel is not finished with the normal lacquer but a special formulated finish after routing the surfaces to a tolerance of way better than CNC standard. +/- 0,01 mm tolerance worst case with special made router blades as sharp as a chefs knife. This gives an exact and stress free neck to body alignment so that you can enjoy all of the gorgeous richness in tone it releases.


Each neck bolt can easily handle up to 750 kg tension which is far superior to normal wood screws found in other basses. Very easy to disassemble and assemble too. Flying with your bass is a breeze now. Besides the ultra tight neck to body fastening makes sure that no resonance goes lost in translation like normal bolt ons.


By tailoring each set of pickups to the bass you get a fantastic harmony as a holistic unit. With extended dynamic range and response our basses really come alive at your fingertips. The are so good we actually don´t sell them to builders, If you want that sound, get the full package of a Unicorn.


My preamps are tailored for the type of clean, exciting and dynamic sound I am aiming for. Really energising the bass. Choice of 2, 3 and 4 bands of specially tailored response with wide Q, letting the bass and pickups do the character setting.


Since 2007 I have not had a single neck issue with our basses yet. They withstand the abuse of touring and road wear.


Conditional 5 year warranty makes it safe and easy choice.


Support via telephone or mail for your bass. You can even get help via Zoom or FaceTime if you need our help. I made your bass, I know the ins and outs of it.