This bass has had a few owners and I clearly see why when it got here.

The problem was that the truss rod did not work as expected but it worked at the beginning and end of the neck. This due to some strange routing radius for the rod itself. And it turned out that the neck itself had a strange dive at the first 7 frets at the treble side. Anyway the customer decided it was well worth giving it a new fretboard and trussrod. As it turned out the fretboard itself had a thickness taper as well so I decided to give it a straight taper 7,2 mm 10” radius fretboard. I routed the strange tensions out of the neck itself planing 0,2 mm each pass. Satin finish backside and Nitro on the front headstock with medium stainless frets to top it off. The fretboard is flame west african ebony and from a very high quality stock.

DISCLAIMER: Neck issues has been rising drastically the last decade probably due to a number of factors including profit chasing in form of cutting lead times, work time per job, materials and I do not like this cynical cost cutting greedy behavior. And even €4-5K basses shows this phenomenon. This post is not to bring the Mike Lull brand name any bad rep. It´s a fine bass for what it is. This post is rather shedding a light upon the trend and tendency of cost cutting in our business.