This Wal was totally unplayable when I got it into my workshop, these ones got severe neck issues including a warped neck often associated with the graphite layering under the fretboard. So apart from levelling off the fretboard I had to do some dirty jobs with this one, vacuumcleaner with dust particle filter was totally neccessary and some rebuilding in different levels of the neck internally. This must be done with great caution as one can easily build in issues if not careful with the different glued in sections. So this type of job is absolute expert level job and needs long experience of these particular jobs, and the right jigs and tools of course.

This neck got the purpleheart reinforcements and a new high grade 2 way trussrod. And some Titan alloy frets. Topped off with a nice 2 pack poly finish. It now plays beautiful with a super low action and sounds great!

It is a costly operation but according to my customers very well worth it. 🙂